Personal Styling

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life” – Bill Cunningham, Photographer


I believe that getting dressed each day should be a joy and that every woman, with a little guidance, can feel confident with her own personal style. I work with everyday women, of all ages, shapes and sizes and varying lifestyles and budgets. I’m committed to helping every woman be the very best version of herself that she can possibly be. I collaborate with my clients, encourage them to try new things and make the whole process fun. I work with lots of women who hate shopping, find it intimidating, confusing and sometimes overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be and I can show you how to dress to show your personality, flatter your figure and focus on highlighting your best features. I’ll also teach you some simple tricks that can make choosing what to wear each day totally stress free!

Did you know that the average woman only uses 20% of the clothes in their wardrobe 80% of the time!



We’ll arrange, at your convenience, a 30 minute telephone style consultation. During this time, we’ll get to know each other and most importantly, I’ll get to understand you challenges, your lifestyle and your fashion needs. I’ll ask you questions such as your age, height, dress size, body shape, personal style, where you like to shop and what your budget is. I’ll then be ready and prepared to meet you at your home for your wardrobe consultation.

Cost: $75  (not chargeable if you proceed to step 2)



We’ll work through your wardrobe together, trying everything on and editing and cleaning out the ‘no’s’ and focusing on the ‘yes’s’. This is not about throwing your whole wardrobe away, but focusing on the pieces that do work, putting together new outfits you may not have considered before, that suit you and your purpose and identifying the key items you need to fill those all important gaps in your wardrobe. And please don’t worry, trust me, I’ve seen it all before!

Cost: $395  for 2 hours*



This is the most fun part! We’ll meet at an agreed time and destination and together we’ll shop to either fill those gaps already identified, or, if you already know what you need (you may be starting a new job, or have a special event coming up), I can help you ensure that what you buy fits you properly and suits your specific purpose. You’ll be trying on a lot, so nude undies are a must. And please make sure you wear your comfiest shoes (however daggy) but also bring along your favourite heels/boots with you to make sure we get the pants length right.

Cost: $495 for 2.5 hours**

Cost: $75  (not chargeable if you proceed to step 2)

Cost: $395 for 2 hours*

Cost: $495 for 2.5 hours**

*More time can be arranged for Wardrobe/Styling Consultation at $120 per hour for every extra hour.
**More time can be arranged for Personal Shopping at $150 per hour for every extra hour.
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The Style Bible


If all that’s not enough and you would like a written record of what you’ve learned during our time together, I will be more than happy to create a personalised ‘Style Bible’ for you. This will be a take home, hard copy document. It will include photos of all your key pieces, new outfits and combinations, all with detailed instructions. It will also include my Ten Style Commandments, personalised especially for you. You can keep your Style Bible in your wardrobe or bedside table, so you’ll always have it on hand to refer to and you’ll never waste precious time staring at your wardrobe again!

Cost: $295


Megan, Mentone

“Poppy is far from a scary fashionista! She’s a real person, down to earth, friendly and a Mum, just like me. She simply has a talent that I don’t have; for putting things together and an eye for what looks good. She makes the whole process easy and fun!”

Georgia, Hampton

“Starting my first job after Uni was exciting but scary. Poppy showed me how to put together a capsule wardrobe, sticking to a minimal colour palette, so everything goes with everything and it didn’t cost me my whole first month’s salary!”

Nicki, Beaumaris

“Being 6 foot 1 I often struggle finding clothes that are long enough, let alone that suit me. Poppy is warm, fun and professional. Not only did my wardrobe receive a much needed clean out but I ended up with clothes that actually fit me, are comfortable and still stylish. ”